Is there somthing that u can put on top of grass for like a party?!

Question: Is there somthing that u can put on top of grass for like a party?
Im having a party and I need to put like a kinda carpet or floor ontop of it because my grass is the type that makes people itchy. If so What's it called, and How can I get it? Thanks (:


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The easiest would be to use large tarps and stake them down.

Not knowing where you live....why not check in your Yellow Pages? call Home Depot or Loews or a party place that rents things or a general rental place that has all kinds of equipment...or a lumber yard. Best to check with what is available in your own area...start with calling one place and maybe they can lead you in the right direction.

picnick blanket> ?
haha thats my guess...


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