I need a believable excuse to get out of a party?!

Question: I need a believable excuse to get out of a party?
My friends having a party but i don't really want to go because i know everyone there will be drinking and getting stoned. Im 16 so don't really want to get into that stuff. I need an excuse they'll believe not just i don't feel well


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Plead the headaches !

If you're comfortable with your parents knowing your friends are doing that and trust them not to call the cops on them (if you don't want that to happen) have your mom or dad say that you're grounded for doing something.

If you don't want to involve your parents to that extent, you can just say you're grounded (make sure you have a believable reason beforehand and don't go out at all for the weekend/time period you're 'grounded' so it's more believable). You can just tell your parents you don't feel like going out at all if they ask.

Good luck!

The one thing I have learned is to be honest..I used to make up every excuse in the book to get out of partying and in the end they knew I was lying and labled me as a liar.So my best advice is to be honest and say Im not going, no explanation just say I have other things I have to do and when they beg and say oh come on say I dont have to explain myself to anyone and just say I have things to do PERIOD. You will feel better about it too in the end. Good Luck.

man oh man you should go and enjoy yourself if your friends are burning a bit of morrocan woodbind so what you dont have to and you aint gotta drink either you should take responsibility for yourself and be strong headed so stop being a pussy and go and have fun caus when there all drunk and stoned you will get all the girls caus woman like men who can stay sober and normal!!
If you still dont want to go say you have organised somthing else and cant make it.Also say you have met a girl and your taking her out instead

You have a date with a hot law student
Your goldfish is ill and you have to watch it.
The truth.
You are more interested in going to the gym and be fit .
Family problems.
Saving up money to go to Hong Kong or whatever.
Nothing to wear.
Period pains.
Wrong location, went and then couldn't find it.
Need beauty sleep as you have been signed up for a model contract.
Little sister is sick, need to take care.

hmm here's some things that i have used.
-you have a doctors appointment
-your mom just flat out said no
-your mom grounded you for back talking
-your going out of town (make sure your not seen anywhere)

just make sure you dont lie to the extreme and say your grandma died cause then karma might actually come back to getcha and you'll feel bad. good luck, haha happy lying(:

Make other plans and say that you can't go because of them, or just say your mom is making you stay for a family dinner.

Or, you can just go and not drink. If someone is really pressuring you, just pretend to sip and later you can pretend to be wasted when you are totally sober.

truth will save you from such parties for a long time, it will be difficult now but will help you a long way. If not grounding is not a bad idea! or how about a secret date, let your friends guess who she is :)

tell them the truth, that you dont wanna be around the drugs and alcohol. some will laugh, but your true friends will respect that and maybe come with you.

Tel them u dont wanna come because you dont want to and u dont even like it

Tell them the truth...if they judge you for it, they aren't your friends.

You got grounded

I think you need to find new friends

you could just break your own leg

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