snack food SLEEPOVER?!

Question: Snack food SLEEPOVER?
what type of food do you eat at sleepovers! be specific!

and what you guys like to do?!


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GIRL, you came to the right place XDD

OK... so it's simple,

List of snacks ?
°Chips (Lays or Hot Cheetos)
°Hershey Kisses
°Cupcakes or donuts
°Macaroni and Cheesey :D
°Chinese Food :D (like panda express)
°Hot Pockets!!
°(Classic) POPCORN!!!
°Peanut Butter On Crackers
°Egg Rolls (:


°Soda (Coca Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew, etc.)
°Kool Aid :)
°Smoothie :DDD
°Juice (Grape Juice, Apple Juice, etc.)
°Apple Cider :D

FUN THINGS TO DO-----------

°Monoply :DDD (Board games)
°Make Youtube vidz (My fav)
°Stay Up all night
°Truth Or Dare
°Have a lemonnade stand :D (classical)
°Watch Kool Movies
°Go Shopping
°Text eachother even though your right next to each other
°Make a blog :)
°Share DEEP DARK secrets :D
°Food fight?
°Climb the wall
°If you can, GO SWIMMIN
°Fill a bowl with water and gross stuff (tomato, this that) and play a game of cards, looser drinks it.
°Prank Call
°Draw On Eachother's faces XDD
°Take Pictures
°Make a fort :D

OK LOL I hope you enJoy :D

my daughters(teenagers) have sleepovers all the time simple foods we have for them:
pizzas ( will even make homemade ones so they all get to help)
taco bar
nacho bar
chips and dip (several kinds)
cookies (a few different ones)
lemonade or kool-aide
i will sometimes make candy for them to have or have some on hand
then for breakfast it is usually frozen waffles or pancakes. if they don't eat leftovers from the night before.

They usually watch movies, play board games or video games.

a mom

hi can cut different types of fruits and decorate them in different ways in a place and add like a dip in the middle ...girls love that...
also sweet stuff cuz it keep you awake and happy and thats what usually they want in a sleep over....
for food you can also make a rice with chiken that has everything on it, so you dont have to worry too much, they will enjoy more the desseart..
fruits will be good is sweet and is natural...
good luck

Well first I usually offer my friends some soda (sprite first!) then some potato chips and pretzels. Then we order a really good pizza. Sometimes we opt for super cheesy, super meaty, or super veggie, lolz. Then we bake something...cookies, cupcakes, brownies, even smores?! We all have a good time and make WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE!

Well I don't do this anymore :[
High school years ;]

Me and my firends always have
nachos with cheese & salsa
a multipack of crisps
jelly beans
bisquits(the ones with jam in)
a massive bar of dairy milk/galaxy
hahaha weree so unhealthy :)

Popcorn and chips

watch movies and play videogames

I always had pizza bagels, cheese and crackers, ice pops, veggies and dip in the house for the kids.

Zaio Baio is the best munchies ever!

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