Does anyone like to toss salad?!


Does anyone like to toss salad?

What the hell is tossing the salad!?

In prison, it is licking someone's butt hole. And no, I have never "tossed Salad".




stirring it up, mixing the salad and the dressing DUH

Make a large leaf and vegetable salad just about every night of the week and yes, I have to toss it to mix around the various ingredients. I use lettuce, romaine, celery, tomato, carrots, onion, green pepper, broccoli and cauliflower.. That's a fair amount of "Stuff" and I assemble the salad in a large stainless steel bowl which I toss when the salad is completed. It also helps to drain any small amounts of water that might be clinging to the leaf lettuce, I hate a wet lettuce. So, after the salad is tossed, I transfer it to a large wooden bowl made out of Monkey wood. Salad is served!

gamerunner gave you the specifics of 'tossing'.

However, I ususlly prepare mine individually, so no tossing is required.

Nope not big into salad tossing

I think this is not necessarily a "food" question, eh?

mixing the salad together and mixing the salad dressing.


I bet you do you little pervert!!!!

What wrong with it in an exclusive relationship. are we all Puritans

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