Do u agree that men are better cook than women?!


Do u agree that men are better cook than women?

Judging by alot of chefs I've met..But women seems to do the cooking at home & we are like a symbol that shows that we cook altho some women can.

Usually women cook for family. However men cook for money. Therefore the best chefs are men.

Some men can cook better than women cuz some women can't cook at all!

well there are men who can really cook and there are women who can really cook. there are men who cant and women (like me) who cant. so it depends but as for my thinkin ithink there are more women. i might b wrong or not well informed. i hope there are lots of men who can really cook so that he can cook for me :)

my man is better than me...he's alot more creative and he likes to cook for me

Women can be excellent cooks, but when it comes to inventiveness and creativity men often do better. Why, I don't know.
Mind you, I am not a sexist; this is my honest observation as someone who has been cooking for many years and who has worked in the kitchen with many women.

It depends, I mean some men can't cook nothing

No, I do not agree.Women are just as good cooks as men!!!!!!!!

Both genders are as equally capable and able to cook on par with the other. I don't think there is a difference. It simply depends on the chef/sous chef/cook.

What nonsense! What it takes to be a good cook is practice and willingness to try new things as well as being able to make yummy things from whatever is on hand. More men chefs dominate the famous kitchens because commercially it used to be dominated by men, but take a look, women are being recognized. And how many kids remember Dad's cooking? How many recipes made nightly in house across the world are made by men?

Good cooks are good cooks - regardless of their sex (or lack of it!) LOL

Happy eating!

no that's not ture no one is better both women and men cook really well

I believe so. My husband cooks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... damn great...he knows the right amount of spices to use. Don't get me wrong, I love to cook too....but he's much better at it than I am.

Cooking at home is not the same as cooking in a restaurant. The intense heat and stress that comes with cooking in a restaurant takes real dedication and stamina. Moreover, cooking at home generally takes one to two hours per day versus the usual 10 hour work shift that cooks have to endure. Finally, moms that cook at home do not usually have the range of of recipes that chefs have.

Having said so, I think that the reason why more men are chefs is because more men have gone to culinary schools. Generally, culinary schools have been run by old men that have not allowed women to have a fair chance. The cooking world is almost the same as the medical world were men are the doctors and women are nurses.

However, this trend is surely changing. With the introduction of Julia Child to the cooking world, more and more women are getting the chance to get the same training as the men before them have had.

So to answer your question, no men are not better cooks, but they are better chefs....only because they have been trained.

When men cook, they usually are better cooks than women.

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