Where is a good place to throw my baby 1st birthday party?!

Question: Where is a good place to throw my baby 1st birthday party?
I live near 35/ SW Military want it some where close. But I am open minded so throw your suggestion at me. I just want his party to be great its the 1st week of March.


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Have it at your house if its big enough! You could have one of those reptile places come to perform which is neat for kids and even adults! You could also have a racecar themed party and have all kinds of games! This website (link below) is full of great decorations and ideas that are specially tailored to boys birthdays! All of the items are printable so you dont need to worry about shipping, and they are very reasonably pricedf and VERY cute. Here you go, goodluck:

Keep in mind that's its his 1st party, which would mean that he won't care where it is. You will need to cater to the people you are inviting. If its little kids make it a kid spot, if its mostly adults make it somewhere they would enjoy... good luck!

your question says where is a good place to throw my baby. lol

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