help! how to plan a chinese new year party?!

Question: Help! how to plan a chinese new year party?
Hello! My sister is turning 12 in a few weeks and is very excited!
Her birthday is in late January and happens to fall a week before Chinese New Year, so she decided she wanted a Chinese New Year themed birthday party. We are already done with invitations, but any other ideas you have are welcome! Thanks thanks thanks thanks! Luv u!

1. Game ideas
2. Food ideas
3. Decoration ideas
4. Anything else you have to offer!

Here’s some other info:
1. She is a bit of a tom-boy, she doesn’t like make-over’s but sometimes paints her nails.
2. She is a vegetarian. So for a meal, some veggie options?
3. The color scheme is red, gold, and black.
4. We live near a Chinese market!
5. For movies and games, they do not have to be Chinese theme, just good PG or PG-13 movies and regular party games!
6. Was born in the year of the tiger…. (does that help at all?!!??!)

Thank you so much! Please help!


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I actually came across this searching for the exact same thing. My son will be 12 on Feb 3. He wants to do a Chinese New Year Party too. We are doing red and black. I ordered his cake and the bakery is writing Happy Birthday in Chinese symbols.

We will be serving orange chicken, his favorite, along with several other dishes. Our local party store had several cute items for Chinese New Year. I am so looking forward to it.

Food ideas should be easy. Serve chinese food! Most chinese restaurants have very few vegetarian options as most foods are made with chicken broth. It's easy to make your own though. As far as decor..check out Oriental trading…

Walk through the Chinese Market for ideas. They should have some good decorations and things this time of year. Make sure you have red money envelopes for the guests. (Even if it is just a dollar for each). It would be fun to watch Chinese themed movies and eat Chinese food. Have plenty of fortune cookies on hand or make your own. Make everyone eat with chopsticks or play a game like a chopstick relay with two teams.
At one end of the room have two bowls full or dry rice. In each bowl place items such as buttons, beads, coins, or other small items which may have to do with Chinese New Year. Each team lines up at the other end with a list of 10 of these items. The first person on each time takes a pair of chopsticks and on go runs to their rice bowl and tries to find the first item on the list throught the rice. Using only chopsticks they have to bring it back to the other side and put it into the empty bowl. They then pass the chopsticks to the next person and that person goes to get item two. etc. The first team with all 10 items in their bowl wins.

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