13th birthday tea party?!

Question: 13th birthday tea party?
I'm 12, soon to be 13. I was thinking about ideas for a party and I came up with a tea/dinner party. It wouldn't be anything childish like "go on a fairy scavenger hunt", but it wouldn't be anything serious like etiquette classes. The colors would be hot pink and black and instead of hot tea we would serve sodas in teapots. I thought about the mad hatter theme, but I really don't like Alice in Wonderland. The whole thing would be set up under a canopy-like-tent out in the country, and we would have frozen hot chocolate, sandwiches ( i hate cucumber so that's totally out of the question), cookies, scones and of course, cake. Everybody could dress cute but kind of shabby chic. And for entertainment we would make homemade bubble bath, play board games etc. I'm not big on huge parties so I would have a small get together with maybe 7 girls including me. There would be Gerber daisies and roses everywhere. So, basically what im saying is I would have a teenager like tea/dinner party. I'd just really like my party to be talked about because of how cute it was rather than how lame it was.


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whats the question?

that sounds super cute!
if ur worried bout ur friends finding it lame, then just run the idea past them first and see what they think :)
happy bday xox

And your question is.......

AWW!! that's so cute! I would do that but mostly my themes are creepy, when I turned 12 (I'm turning 13 in July) I had a party where we did a ghost hunt. But I love your theme idea, the bubble bath sounds like fun! me and my best friend always give ourselves spas and her brother/my boyfriend gives us pedicures :) so if your interested you all should do each others nails and do each others make up, or if you wanna have a lot of fun-- play the makeup game >:). Me and my friends do that all the time... it where you and another person use makeup, DON'T have a mirror, just go crafty on the other person and when your done you look at the mirror and laugh, i made my friend Hitler! XD So i hope you have a fun time at your party!

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