for my 13th birthday part (at my house) what shall i doo while people are arriving?!

Question: For my 13th birthday part (at my house) what shall i doo while people are arriving?
also can you please tell me some things i could do to look mega pretty
my hair is similar to the picture below except for brown and frizzy ( no fringe),r:8,s:0
And here is my party dress


Hi Izzy (im an izzy as well!)
Its always akward when your first guest is there and your still waiting for everyone else to arrive, so heres what I normally do..

-have music playing before the first guest arrives, it avoids akward silences and lightens the mood
-invite them in, take their coats and tell them where to put everything etc.
-ask what they'd like to drink, be casual though
-chit chat (talk about what presents you got, or want to get etc.)
-seem busy, dont seem totally focused on them, just seem like your naturally quite excited and bouncy, very casual.

And now for your looks:)
Firstly, your dress is GORGEOUS! and £4! WOW! I wish i could've got one while they were in stock! Heres what I do to make myself look nice...

-a tiny bit of mascara on top lashes only
-gold/silver eye shadow
-tiny bit of blusher to make you look nice and rosy:)
-straighten or curl your hair, dont leave it frizzy! :)
-use a face mask before you get ready it will make you feel nicer and fresher
-dont look too fake! remember looking natural is a lot better!

I hope you have a great time!
Izzy xx

you could serve some fruit juice in cocktail glasses and with those mini umbrellas, you then would serve something appetising like chocolate pots or chips

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