How much do personal chefs cost?!


How much do personal chefs cost?

Not a private( exclusive to one person or family). But the ones who come over to your house and cook once a week?on a consistant basis.

oh, get the naked chef.

The price of a wedding licence and a honeymoon! lol!!

Depends how exclusive and how many hours, expect atleast 50-100 dollars a time plus food i'd imagine.

More than Chef Boy-R-Dee.

I know what you're saying. The kind who makes a week worth of dinners, for you , and puts them n your frig or freezer. I don't know how much they charge. But I'd become one, if I thought I could afford to and knew how to market myself. If you were where I live, I'd do it for $20 a week.

it sometimes depends. if it was a really good, like french chef, maybe $100-200 a week. if it just some person, maybe $50-75 a week. it might depend how often he/she cooks for you 2.

i did that for about a month and trust me they charge a grip (a lot)

outrageously alot..

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