what do you think about BBQ at a reception?!

Question: What do you think about BBQ at a reception?
I am planning my wedding and reception and my fiance's mom is paying for the food and they decided that they would like to do BBQ and a few other things as the actual food. We are going to have over a hundred guests and its what she can afford. I am fine with the idea but my mom is giving me a lot of grieve about saying that its redneck and will ruin the elegance of what I am going for. I don't agree at all I think we can put the food in nice glass containers , etc. so I need some opinions. what do you guys think?


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...I say don't look the gift horse in the mouth ;)...your inlaws are generously providing a meal for the guests where, technically, it's the bride's parents that do. The fact that it pleases YOU is all that matters. Any table settings can be made to look "more elegant"....flowers, candles, nice table settings, pretty runners on the table to co-ordinate with your wedding colors, etc.

Offer a nice punch, too, and make an ice ring with frozen edible flowers in it...or floating cubes with them in each one (another nice elegant touch). As long as the food is displayed in containers and served at their proper temperatures, the menu should please everyone.

You can get your own table chocolate fountain (check craft stores like ACMoore and look for their coupons on Sundays online --we picked up one for $30 for daughter's wedding)....then made cut up fruits, had skewers, pretzel rods...set that up on its own table and everyone enjoyed that as one of the appetizers and were using it throughout the wedding, they loved it so much. (we served fruits in a 3-tiered clear plastic arrangement on a stainless base with the fruits in her colors: hot pink, orange and touch of lime green>>strawberries, cantaloupe, and honeydew...then we added pineapple on the side).

Besides.....the true focus of the day is the bride and groom! Keep smiling and enjoy this memorable time. I'm sure everything will be lovely.

Tell your mom our governor here in California just got sworn in (Jerry Brown) and his inaugural reception was hot dogs and chips - seriously!

Sign of the times. I think anytime I get to attend a social event and there's free food, who the heck cares about whether it's a BBQ, pot luck....food is food.

I think your wedding reception and meal will be charming and you know why? Because you like the idea and will therefore make sure it has your special charming touches to it. I'd be at the store buying some of those straw bails, western print bandannas...everything BBQ/western.

Good luck.

I personally don't think that is a good idea. BBQ is messy and lends it's self more to a picnic or family reunion more than a wedding. BBQ and elegance just don't seem to go together.

You can make bbq elegant. Just don't have ribs. But honestly I would go with something else. Not everyone wants bbq.

I had BBQ pulled pork for my reception and no one thought anything about it. It was fairly cheap and it pleases just about everyone. *except your mom :) *

No. You should make them eat cucumber and watercress sandwiches like your mother says. I have a feeling you will be more popular.

If you are going for elegance, a BBQ is not the way to go. It's messy and very casual.

It is just fine.

You could make it more rustic and authentic looking but cooking things like baked beans, or a cobbler in duth ovens.

Serve potato salad an the cold stuff in nice bowls. Get real plates or heavy duty nice paper/plastic plates.

You can also get plastic silveware that looks like real silver wear.

***Another poster was correct, not everyonbe likes BBQ, but not everryone like other types of food either.

You could also do fish, wich is supposed to be more "elegant". a BbQ does not have to be messy and dripping in BBQ sauce.

If fyou choose to do sauce put it in some squeeze bottleas and let people add as much or as little as they want.

A BBQ does not have to be messy.

It can also be dependant on the actual food you serve. So what exactly do you mean by BBQ, that can so broad.

Grilled chicken and smoked brisket are good choices.

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