Can anyone who has experience with wedding planning help me out?!

Question: Can anyone who has experience with wedding planning help me out?
My daughter and her fiancée are planning an early April wedding. We have booked a fantastic venue where the ceremony itself will being held on a lovely stone bridge at 6:00p.m., followed with a reception inside the facility.
The wedding party will be dressed formally though the guests are not required to be. Sorry for all the detail but I want any wedding planners who might read this question to have a somewhat visual in their mind.
Originally my daughter and her fiancée planned to have their favorite Mexican restaurant cater the event. After her father and I checked out the restaurant's website, and looked over the details with their catering services we happily signed on. All of our friends and family love Mexican food, and although it is not the ""traditional wedding buffet," I would rather have that our guests will actually eat.
My husband and I would rather spend $2000 on food people will enjoy at the reception as opposed to $2000 on chicken thigh quarters, tasteless vegetables, and some grapes.
A few members of our family have been outspoken about the couple's choice of catering...expressing their views that it would be 'tacky' to serve anything other than a traditional menu. Some have even related the couple's color choices, turquoise and black, to being elegant, thus DEMANDING a more traditional menu! Good grief! I did not realize that wedding color schemes dictated menu choices! lol

These people are not trying to be rude, they just want my daughter to have a wonderful wedding, and for whatever reason they feel the food selection is wrong.
Is a Mexican buffet appropriate for an evening formal wedding, does it matter, or should we consider changing the menu?


You should have the menu that makes your daughter happy. She will remember it forever and ever so have Mexican food. There are many choices, anchiladas , burritos, and much more. Remember, its about your daughter , not the decor.


Turquoise and black are FINE for a Mexican menu! I've been to restaurants that serve Mexican style food that are decorated in those colours.

The people who are nitpicking over this would probably complain if you served a rose wine with chicken!

If push comes to shove, ask the people who are making the stink who is PAYING for the wedding, unless they are the ones paying for it, they have ZERO say in the matter and should just SHUT UP!

your daughter and fiance should have what they want. Its their day. If they want to eat tacos in a turquoise and black room, then thats what they should do.

Tacky? no. i dont think its tacky. Non-traditional? yes. But who ever said traditional was best?

hi feel free of this in order have a budget you need ask help for the wedding company they can help you with that good luck

It's your daughter's wedding. It's the most beautiful day of her life. It's her day and if the guests do not respect that they shouldn't have been invited. Half of the invitees will not attend the wedding but they will rush to the reception for the free food and booze. A Mexican buffet is appropriate. I don't know what a "traditional"menu is. Is it a Big Mac and fries, is it pinafore sandwiches, is it prime rib and lobster? Stick to your guns. Nothing else matters than your daughter and her new husband. This is not a rock concert this is a solemn marriage.Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law. I wish them a very happy life.

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