How To Plan Surprise Party When You Don't Know Guests Very Well?!

Question: How To Plan Surprise Party When You Don't Know Guests Very Well?
I want to plan a surprise party for my fiance's 30th b-day, but all his friends are mostly co-workers or are long distance, and I've only met them & their wives/GF's a couple of times.

I don't know them and would feel awkward calling them to invite them or ask them for others emails or numbers (only 4 familiar people's numbers are on fiance's bulletin board...any other numbers would require no-good snooping in his cell phone, which is not an option, or asking those 4 people to call other people or to give me other people's info)

My fiance and I are hermits and don't go out often, but when he does socialize, he always has a great time seeing his buddies, old and new. So I think he'd love for them all to surprise him on his bday.

Is it awkward to contact his old co workers/ old friends who might not have heard from him outside of instant messenger for over a year?
Is it awkward to call his current co-workers and invite them or ask them for other people's numbers?
How would one go about doing this?


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Remember to say "surprise" otherwise she may think that its not a surprise and might get upset and demand you buy her jewelery and do the ironing.

No i don't think it's awkward, it's just a part of what you have to do if you want it to be successful. Personally, if someone called me out of the blue and told me hey i know i don't know you that well but i'm planning a suprise party for my hub and i think he'd really appreciate it if you could come i think it'd be completely normal. As for asking for other people's contact, that can be a bit difficult so ask that person to ask the other person for you. Calling them over and over may be weird so maybe you can ask to follow up by email so it's more easier for you to be organized. Hope that helps, good luck.

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