Does anyone like McGriddles from McDonald's? If so, which one?!


Does anyone like McGriddles from McDonald's? If so, which one?

I'm craving for some McGriddles.

I like the sausage one best. I've always like pancakes and sausage together at breakfast, so when they came out. I was pumped and got one right away.

My personal opinion.

ohhhhhhhhh....i'm a sausage (no egg) mcgriddles FREAK. YUMMY!

No way, sorry.

It definetly has to be the one with just the sausage. It's the best lol.

i dont like them ill take a breakfast burrito da iz da shizznit yo

What the bloody hell is a mrgriddle? (I'm from Australia so we don't get too weird stuff here......) Have you heard of a caramello koala?

don't like, sorry

Sausage no egg no cheese please


Sausage McGriddles!! OH in our State the just advertized 2 for $2.00!

I love just the plain sausage mcgriddles. For a while its all I ate.

The only one I have every had is the sausage and it was okay. I thought the syrup chunks were a little strange tasting.

I love McGriddles. My first choice is the bacon, egg and cheese joint, but I get the 2 for $2 Sausage McGriddles often when they are on sale.

No way! Those are McNasty!

omg they are awesome

i love the bacon ones t

the bacon one

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