Do you like pop corn with or without butter?!


Do you like pop corn with or without butter?

butter....always have to have some at a matter if i just ate!

with LOTS of butter .... YUM!

lots of butter and dont forget the salt....



no, it is to dry w/ out the butter

I pop it using olive oil in the pan (forget airpoppers!) and a little salt...yum. Better than butter and better for you.


Nothing I like better than watching a film with popcorn with warm butter on.

if you must know i love it with butter


SOmetimes with mostly with and once an a while with out.

Pop corn is unhealthy, therefore I dont eat it...and I feel that most people who do eat it, shouldnt be


Its not as healthy but with butter is the bomb

With! I like it drenched in butter like at the movies! OMG, it's sooo good at the movies!

yes, and please putt in it more salt !?

The sweet stuff is the best ..

i rlly hate the whole eating thing but when i used 2 like it i used 2 love my popcorn with lots and lots of butter and lot of salt! lol

without butter


without....also air popped....much healthier

both, but I like more without butter, only once I eat pop corn with butter it was good but I still prefer without. With the butter they feel like jelly fish.

I like Pop Corn without butter...

yea i like.................

Unfortunately, with. So bad for you but so darn good!


If I could eat my popcorn in a swimming pool of butter I would


before i even EAT popcorn it must be roasted in melted sugar
then sugar powder then hot sweet butter

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