Is one Krispy kreme Donut a day healthy?!


Is one Krispy kreme Donut a day healthy?

Healthy - NO
Necessary - YES

better than some people...

No, it's not healthy, but it's better than two donuts.

No and the long run doesn't look much better

thats disguisting

No, because it is pure sugar.

it is doubtful...


I'd say not

I feel sure that you should eat at least two or three.

LOL!!!! You're funny...


It's not healty but it probably won't kill you. One a week is better ;-)

well i wouldn't call eating donuts healthy activity but one a day isn't going to make you fat.

who's a krispy kreme!!! eat 2

I wish it was!
Here's the thing to remember. ONE donut will not make you fat. A whole DOZEN of them will.
While I don't think it's all that healthy for you, it's not too damaging.

None would be healthier.

No it isnt

it depends what else you eat if you eat that for breakfast then have a salad or a serving of friut for lunch. just make sure you " make up for it"

No it is not. But tasty they are.

Isn't that how the old saying goes... "A Krispee Kreme donut a day keeps the doctor away?" I think that's how it goes.

probably not, because of all the sugars in the donut.

It may not be healthy, but man those things are so darn good, it's a good idea.

no way. look at the sugar content, carbs (which turn into sugar if you are not active) and the fat in them. compare that info with something healthier for you and you'll see the difference. You might think it is healthy if you do do this and not gain weight, but that just means you have a fast metabolism and can burn it off. If not and you are eating a donut everyday you should go for w long walk after wards.

its ok just eat the hole box

Tee hee, Krispy Kremes, no matter how many you eat, can ever be healthy.

Sorry, it's not. I wish that it was because it tastes so good. One Krispy Kreme doughnut is 200 calories, 12g of fat and 22g carb. It was listed as one of the top ten unhealthiest snacks by It is a sugary temptation that shouldn't be indulged in very often if you want to be healthy.

Is it healthy, No...but i was never one on denying myself food i enjoy, as long as your eating in moderation, and keep a fairly balanced diet, and a bit of excessive, one donut a day certainly isn't going to hurt. So go ahead and enjoy the krispy Kreme, It's when people start denying themselves the things that they enjoy that they start getting unhealthy.

not really, but they are good!

Yes if you just stare at it and dont eat it



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