Woiuld you rather have popcorn or chips?!


Woiuld you rather have popcorn or chips?

thats a toughie...popcorn is healthier but chips come in lots of different flavors. but i think chips are better cuz they are made out of different things like corn and potatoes so...

CHIPS for me!

both!!mmmmmm yummy but most likly if the popcorn was buttery(very buttery)then i choose popcorn

thats a really hard question, i would probably have to say chips though, because they come in so many different varieties that you could never get bored with them( and they dont get stuck in your teeth!)



pass me some french onion dip to go with my chips

i have both


CHIPS!! Popcorn gets stuck in the teeth!!

Buttery white popcorn.

Popcorn with alot of butter

Lays potato chips, origional, my favorite!

Popcorn, especially cheese popcorn.


id say pop corn

movie theater popcorn

Popcorn if i am watching a movie. Chips if i am watching sports.

I like chips better than popcorn.


popcorn-don't get me wrong I love popcorn- but look- get stuck in teeth( thant is annoying and painfull),not many varities.BORING-spice it up with chocolate,sprinkles,honey and u can even buy onion,garlic,and butter exspecially for popcorn.-healtheir than chips.

Chips-absoulutly love them!- don't get stuck in teeth,a huge varitie( so I never get sick of them!), the perfect but not healthy snack for almost anything-spice it up with dip,or buy different kinds of chips and have a bar ( ok lame ) - to get to the point CHIPS!

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