Ideas for teen house birthday party?!

Question: Ideas for teen house birthday party?
So, I'm turning 14 in a few weeks, and I need some party ideas that will be fun.
There's about 20-40 (coed) guests depending on what I decide.
My house is pretty big, we have a large garage and basement.
There will be no drugs or alcohol. (None of my friends do stuff like that.)
I need some fun (but not suuper expensive) ideas to keep this party super fun!


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- Have your party in the basement
- Create a playlist with all your favouite songs to dance to, make sure you include some romantic songs for slow dancing ;)
- Set up a table with lots of food and drink to keep everyone going like pizza, cordial, soft drink, chips, candy etc.
-Decorate the basement with balloons, streamers, strobe lights, smoke machine etc.

Drugz, booz, and condoms. Hahaha, jk. How bout a VERY large music playlist with some loud speakers. Maby some outdoor activities (weather permitting). Make sure there's lots of refreshments. Maby some board games to play.

If it's snowy, it's easy. Snowball fight, but INDOORS! It can get dangerous but it's so fun.

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