21st bday party to do list?!

Question: 21st bday party to do list?
im a girl and im having a 21st bday house party. i wanted to know ideas on how to make it fun and not the usual 21st bday party. yes there will be alcohol/beer =] but what else can i get/buy? decorating ideas? drinking games? other than beer pong and beer bong =] ummm idk.. im open minded... any ideas and/or suggestions will be appreciated =]


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Congrats on turning 21! What a milestone! Here are some things to ponder before you get started:

1. What's the budget for your special bash? (this is actually going to determine the following as well!)
2. How many people do you intend to invite?
3. Inside or outside?
4. What time of day?
5. Dressed to the 9's or casual attire?
6. DJ or cd's?
7. Food?
8. Parent's or family involvement?
9. Theme?

Having an outstanding 21st birthday can be had on just about any budget. Your budget will dictate how many people you invite, where you have it, what food you choose, decorations, music (dj. or not) you have. Are your parents helping you out with this? Think about what you are passionate about. You might want to think of a theme that represents your passion or at least what you love: Hawaiian Luau, Barbecue, Skating, Belly Dancing, Community Service....the list goes on and on. Decide what your big ticket items are going to be. This might include music and food or decorations. Decide how many people you really want to celebrate with and what they mean to you. You can get more bang for your buck if you keep it on the small side, but then again....
Although drinking is certainly the big deal on your 21st, please keep in mind safety and moderation.
Be sure to provide rides for guests that drink and/or a place to crash. Also, keep in mind problems that might arise, such as noise, unwanted guests etc. and how you want to handle this. Take a look online at different party supply places to look at inexpensive decorations.

Good luck and Happy Birthday!

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