What is your favorite dessert?!


What is your favorite dessert?

Mine is hands down...Banana Splits!!

Cheesecake or anything chocolate! Copeland's cheesecake with the pecan cookie crust is my absolute favorite with chocolate drizzled over it!


Cherry Cheese Cake

1. devil's food cake with vanilla ice cream
2. lemon ice box pie
3. banana splits
4. warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream
5. chocolate chip ice cream

Marshmallow peeps!

Olive Garden has a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake that is so good. I go there all the time just for that.

Anything from Cold Stone.

Tiramisu all the way! Great, now I need to go get some. :)

Creme' Brulee

Hair pie.

i love fresh cream cakes.

Fudge Sundae with Brownies

vegetable soup (tomato,potato,vermishel,carro... lime juice

Dutch apple pie with brandy butter and cinnamon ice cream. Mmmmmm

Lavender Creme Brulee!

Only one place I know makes it and I get it once a year for my birthday!

My lemon meringue pie! Unbelievably delicious!

i ? cream brulee & ice cream!! =)

cheese cake or anything chocolate

tiramisu or hot apple pie with ice cream or rlly good choclate cake with whipped cream but i havent had any of that stuff in a longgggggggg time...


Ben & Jerrie's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch at home. If i'm out it's a Banana Split!!

Well,hello there. I like banana splits as well but did you know that you cannot just have one favourite desert. That is why I can't really choose what is my favourite desert.

Ice cream ice cream ice cream

tarte tatin

Ice Cream!!


i don't really know!

Chocolate chip cookies.

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