I want to have a princess theme birthday party?!

Question: I want to have a princess theme birthday party?
Ok so if i do then i'm renting a pink hummer limo, putting a pink, satin carpet down the hallway, and having a bouncer cardboard cut out at the bottom of the stairs. decorations- different colored pink streamers, different colored pink balloons, a tiara pinata, and SPARKLES! I looked at party city and i like their princess theme plates the best. Food- so i was thinking fried chicken for lunch because it's my favorite. and i'd put trays of chocolate covered strawberries, little debbie cakes, customized m&m's, oreo's, frosted animal crackers, and soda floats. either those or smoothies. if you can't tell i have a bit of a sweet tooth. my cake would have two small levels with a Tiara on top. I have a ton of parties so i know that you don't need to plan a lot of activities. but i want to have a fort building contest. have everyone draw a room, a partner, and 5 things that they can use. they get 15 minutes. for my invitation it's pink with a cake border it has the usual but also the pick up time of each child and that the time can be found on the back of the i.d. card. it also has a picture of me in a princess hat and a letter from me. they will go in pink envelopes that i will paint with sparkles and spray with princess perfume by vera wang. ok so i mentioned i.d. cards. they are what you ware to get in the limo. it has their picture. and rachel's 13th birthday the date and it says v.i.p. but in parentheses it says very important princess.so the envelope has the invitation, the i.d. card and a pink paisley lanyard. by the way the card have parchment behind them and are laminated.and in stead of watching a movie we will be watching our favorite episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Criminal Minds. So basically i want your opinion on my idea i invited ten people and have a big enough house to hold them all comfortably. please give your feed back on my ideas and any changes you think would benefit the party. my birthday isn't until March but i like to over plan. But i want to know if this is a good idea. i mean boy / girl parties aren't that fun because you can't be goofy and dance crazy like you can with your best friends. all thoughts are welcome. thank you so much i would love to hear from you.


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Wow...What fun! I wouldn't change a thing and your friends will have a blast.
Here is a princess party supply site that has some other party supplies if you still need some things.
Have a great time!

Make it a costume party.Rainbow streamers and everything.You could be a princess and the best costume wins!

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