Is it OK to serve ghetto pies as appetizers at a party?!


Is it OK to serve ghetto pies as appetizers at a party?

You know . . . those hostess fruit pies?

I live in the ghetto and I would never bring those pies to a party. Besides, pie is dessert, not an appetizer. What is this, a party for a bunch of stoned 15 year-olds?

I guess you can in the ghetto.

I wouldn't do it anywhere else.

I don't know??Do they go good with a grilled chaise sandwatch!!!!??If they do....supersize it!!!LOL!!!

Sure why not where do you think most of your fast food places get their pies from

very tacky sweetie

Why would that be label as a Ghetto Pie? That's called cheap and tacky. An appetizer is not a dessert.

If Your Guests are ghetto IT'S OK

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