What is the size of girl scout cookie boxes?!

Question: What is the size of girl scout cookie boxes?
I want to buy as many peanut butter sandwich cookies that will fit in a flat rate box. I know the size changes a bit from year to year. The size of the boxes the last few years would give me something to go off of.


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You didn't specify the cookie name, so I'm guessing it is what we call Do-Si-Dos here in the Northeast. It depends where you are buying from, as we use two different bakeries, and the boxes are not exactly the same size. Since you refer to them as PBSC, I'm assuming your cookies come from the ABC Bakery, and not Little Brownie Bakers, which is actually owned by Kellogg's.

Per their own website:

proud to serve as a Girl Scout Leader since 2004, and as my Service Unit QSP and Cookie Manager since 2009

I don't have the peanut butter measurement, but thin mints were 2x4x6.5 and Trefoils were 2.25x4x7.5

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