How to convince your parents to let you have a party?!

Question: How to convince your parents to let you have a party?
I haven't asked yet. Nor have I told any friends. But my parents are sort of stubborn any ways. I want 2 have it Sunday (packers vs. Bears cuz I live in Wisconsin) I would invite about 50 people. I have a huge carpeted finished basement with a huge flat screen and a ping pong and pool table if anyone gets sick of watching the game. My basement has a bar to. (not to have beer and stuff but for food and soda). We are all in 8th grade and 13-14 years old thanks(:


Before you ask have a plan: know the time the guests will be there, know what food and refreshments you plan to serve and who is making them and paying for them, know who is going to get the room ready and clean up afterwards. Know that your guests can be trusted to drugs or alcohol...your friends should come with their "manners" ;).

BTW: 50 people is too many....I think you're going to have to compromise on more realistic as to how many will comfortably fit. 50 ppl is a lot to feed...parties cost money. Don't tell your friends until you have your parents approval (however, on the other hand, if you were to run it by a smaller number of friends....see if you can make it a potluck party where everyone brings stuff to eat/drink for the party).

Your parents need to chaperon. The ratio is about 6 kids per adult, so you can only have about 12 kids there. Fifty could easily get out of control. Unless more adults can chaperon, lower the number. And promise you and some of the other kids will stay and clean up afterward. You'll also help with the shopping and set up. Sounds like a blast though.

Just ask, whats the worse that can happen

tell them its for extra points on a subject

Dont tell them.

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