what do you eat at a birthday party?!

Question: What do you eat at a birthday party?
its my 15 bday tomorrow and im having a few friends over. i dont want pizza so what can you make that can feed 9 people please help and not expensive it can be made out of everything but give some chicken ideas


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Suggestions :

~ Take Away Either Nando's, KFC, Or Red Rooster...
~ Chicken Wrap With Vegetables [Tomato;Lettuce & Mayonnaise] -You Can Either Make This Or Buy This From Hungry Jacks, KFC And McDonalds.
~ Chicken Skewers
~ Include Lollies
~ Snacks In Case Some Guest Aren't Extremely Hungry, [Chips, Fairy Bread]
~ Barbecue

Happy Birthday For Tomorrow (:
Be Full Of Happiness Always,

Good Luck

First, Happy Birthday!!! Why not get a bucket of KFC? I'm not kidding. That will take care of the chicken meal. If your mom has a crockpot, you can go to the grocery store and buy precooked meatballs in a bag. They have them at Costco and Sam's Club also. Thaw them out in your refrigerator. This is so easy. Drop them in the crockpot about two hours before your party; add one bottle of barbeque sauce---like Kraft's honey or hickory. Turn the crockpot on high maybe for twenty minutes then on warm. Scoop them out with a big spoon. Have some Hawaiian sweet rolls on hand that you can buy at the grocery store, to supplement any KFC ones you get.
Serve potato chips if you like, and make a dip for them and to put on people's plates.

shred some cooked chicken, put in crock pot. Add 1 can french onion soup, and 1 can cream of chicken soup (make sure you use enough chicken so it is not too saucy). Cook on low for several hours.
serve on good bakery buns.
serve it with a veggie tray, whatever chips you like, and some brownies for dessert.

Maybe something Italian,like Pasta (whichever pasta you like the best) and maybe with chicken and salad on the side.If you want recipes you should check out foodnetwork.com they have alot of recipes that will keep your guests entertained

Chicken wings!


hot dogs , hambergers , fruit salad , fried chicken , or maybe BBQ chicken , or ziti , etc .

You can have pasta or Mac and cheese

Sloppy joes, veggie trays, chips and salsa

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