Should I go to this party alone?!

Question: Should I go to this party alone?
Well I am thinking about volunteering at this Masquerade Ball tomorrow, and during my shift there would be one other person helping me. The problem is idk anyone there and didn't know if I should go. The coordinator said we can even come early to dress up/ mingle/dance at that party before the shift but idk if i wanna do that.
Any ideas people....


I Reckon You Should (:

If Your Not Courageous Enough To Attend The Party, Then Wear A Mask Being Aware It's A Masquerade Ball, No One Would Know Whose Who (:

Anyways, You'll Have A Chance To Introduce Yourself To Other People, Become Great Friends With One Of Them.

It'll Be An Experience To Remember Always In Your Life (:

Give it a go! Have fun! If you don't know anyone then this might be a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. If you go and find that you're not enjoying yourself, then simply leave.

Hope I helped!

Go. Now.

no you should go along this party.

Give it a try and if its not fun then leave

Just go have a good time

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