What to Package Chocolate Covered Strawberries in?!

Question: What to Package Chocolate Covered Strawberries in?
I'm going to be making chocolate covered strawberries this Valentines and giving them as gifts but I need ideas on how to package them. I'd like to put them in something nicer then just a plain white box but I have to be careful not to pick something where the chocolate could rub off on other berries. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Mmmmm, I love chocolate covered strawberries :) How about putting each berry into a mini cupcake cup (or regular sized ones if if the berries are xtra large). You can find them in pretty colors as well as silver/gold. Once in the cups, you can line them up in any type of tin/box/packaging you want without worrying about the chocolate breaking off. You can use tissue paper or colored cellophane to line the gift boxes & cover the berries. Also, I would suggest packaging them then putting the ready pkgs into the fridge, this way the boxes will retain the cold longer while being delivered.

Your local crafts store (Michael's in a lot of the USA) has a lot of Valentines packaging, trays and tins.

They also have Valentine's paper/cupcake cups. Don't wait till the last minute to pick up the packaging as they will run out. I was in there last week and they had a lot of options from heart shaped trays to special boxes and tins. A little red paper/cellophane under the cups makes it even prettier.

I own a chocolate covered strawberry company that ships strawberries nationwide (very special packaging that protects the berries in transit), at http://www.ccberries.com and we detail how to make your own and temper chocolate at http://blog.ccberries.com/2009/08/22/how…

well waxing paper works the best but you could also put it in like some fun party bags or some thing like that :)

hope that helps !!!!!!!!!!

Use wax paper and find a nice box to put them in.

make them into a bundle like a bunch of flowers,using similar paper.

Well, you COULD maybe paint the outside of egg cartons?????

Cling film

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