What should I do at my 17th sleepover birthday party?!

Question: What should I do at my 17th sleepover birthday party?
I'm just having over a couple close friends, and I dont really know what to do, besides play kinect and eat.
I havn't had a party since I was like 13.
Any ideas?


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`Purchase A Manicure & Pedicure Set; And Do One Another Nails.
`Campfire; Roast Marshmallows And Share Spooky Stories.
`Dance Around; You Could Hire Dance Floors Depending On Your Budget;
`Spook Your Friends With Ghost Decorations.
`Prank Around Your Parents Or Neighbor [Who Are Close To You]
`Prank Call You Other Friends.
`Cook With Everyone [Like Have A Cupcake Competition Or Something]

Hope These Suggestion Could Help ~ Good Luck

- you could do a minute to win it party game.
- jersey shore themed party.
- you could also have someone bring a Wii if you dont have one and then the DDR game and have a DDR tournament.

(You could put all these three together and make it a Jersey Shore Themed birthday and have a DDR competition on the Wii and then play minute to win it.)

Hope this helps!!!

Like a previous comment..a wii would be great.
Assuming you have a facebook, you can mess with your friends' accounts..its realllyy fun!
watch a movie
eating is great! even you dont like cooking maybe you and your friends could bake brownies,make a smoothie or some pasta...I got some squeeze icing in different colors and we made faces on cookies.It sounds immature but really fun.

poop in the toilet & don't flush

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