i have never been to a party help!?!

Question: I have never been to a party help!?
i have never been to a party and im going to my first high school one. i heard they get pretty intense. i dont really know how to dance like how everyone does. what should i do?!


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I Reckon You Should Just Be Yourself At Parties.
And Besides Your Friends Would Accompany You, So You Should Feel Comfortable.

Dance, Don't Stress About Dancing, Many People Just Tend To Dance Casually, Although For An Advice, Just Dance Side To Side And Glance Around At Other People, They're Not Doing Complicated Dance Moves, They'll Be Jumping To The Music, Etc...

Enjoy Every Moment (:

The number one thing to remember is this:
EVERYONE else there is, at least to some degree, nervous and self-conscious too.
People are going to be so worried about their own dancing skills, they probably won't pay much attention to yours.
Also, if you don't feel like dancing, if the music isn't pulling you out on the dance floor, don't.
I can't dance for crap, but I do it anyway, just only when I want to. When people see you having a great time because you really want to go out there, they are not going to be noticing your moves--you will look good out there because you will look happy, relaxed and chill.

Well maybe you could tell a close friend and maybe they could help && teach you how to dance , or maybe you could look a few things up on youtube or somethinq ( if ur desperate ) lol . or if ur really desperate make up an excuse lol . but just try to have fun : )

Keep your cool on act like yourself talk to your friends at the party if it gets intense keep your cool on dont drink to much and ya NUMBER ONE RULE have fun.

you could ask a friend to help, look up videos and stuff. you can copy people a the party if its group dancing

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