Birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
i am a 14 year old girl and my birthday is in about 3 months and i have no idea what to do. I have about 18 guests...all girls my age need ideas


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Before You Are Able To Host A Party, You'll Have To Know The Amount Your Allowed To Spend.

Bowling Party; Laser Tag; Pool Party, Beach Party, Picnic Party, Limo Party, Dance Party, Girls Night Out [Manicures;Pedicures;Sleepovers]; Glow In The Dark Party, Adventure Park; Etc...

Considering It's All Girls, I Would Choose The Girls Night Out Choice, Perhaps Start The Party In The Afternoon, Let Them All Visit Your House To Drop Their Sleeping Gears, And Walk Or Get Your Parents To Drive You Out The Mall, Get Manicures And Pedicures, Shop Around For Clothing, Hang Out At The Beach Afterward, Visit The Park To Relax, Eat Dinner And Back Home Telling Secrets, Playing Games, Scary Stories, Have A Campfire With Marshmallows, Etc...

Good Luck (:

SCAVENGER HUNT! We used to do that all the time for my parties when I was your age! Answer mine? :)

Have a slumber party at a hotel! It's SO much fun!

Sleep Over?

truth or dare, maybe have a dj (if your parents let you) just hang out i guess?

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