My husbands is having a big dinner w/a friend and I....?!

Question: My husbands is having a big dinner w/a friend and I....?
always ask him,well his guilt brings me home a turkey or Italian sub home w/BEACON! But meanwhile I made me a potatoes/diced garlic & tomatoes,onions,seasoning & cheese w/olive & black olives, olive oil. And i will make pizza bread that my kids renamed ghetto bread.It's bread of "coarse" w/onions,peperoni if u have them,peppers garlic topped w/ewiey gooey cheeses. My own invention,I swear.Now they all copy me,i have been doing this 4 years. And you? What will u be having?I get the nicest this section,no trolls here!


It's bone chilling in Columbus today. Mercury dropping below zero tonight, so I made a pot of spicy chili with shredded cheddar and oyster crackers. I bought a bottle of Mexican Coca Cola with cane sugar to wash it down.

I'm a sucker for homemade pizza though, so your ghetto bread trumps my chili. Sounds good.


What was the question??

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