What should I do for a 14th birthday party?!

Question: What should I do for a 14th birthday party?
So I'm gonna have a party? I just don't know what its gonna be...I've already done a limo and hotels...I just don't know!

It can't be lame...like bowling or laser tag or skating..


And its gonna be a bunch of girls. The number idk?


Indoor water park. Or a spa night. Or a show, like a performance of some kind.
How about manicures/pedicures/hair? OOH! OR how about a fortune telling/tarot card night? This is actually super fun, you can hire people who read palms, stuff like that, you can decorate the place by making it really beautiful and magical with little lights and candles, incense. I went to a party like that when I was about 14 and everybody still talks about it.

Adventure Park; Beach Party [ Girls Enjoy Hanging Out There ]

Halloween Party, Hollywood Party, Dance Party, Karaoke, Glow In The Dark Party, Etc...

And Bring Typical Snacks That People Would Bring To A Party, Include A DJ, Strobe Lights, Or Anything You Wish.

They'll Enjoy Every Party Of Yours So Good Luck.

have a sleep over order pizza and rent a bunch of movies and talk about boys .

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