Is KY Jelly edible?!


Is KY Jelly edible?

No, but obviously it is not toxic, so if you use KY and your partner "goes down" on you, he/she shouldn't suffer any ill effects.

eat awaY!


yes everything is edible....somethings r poisonous

Accidental ingestion is probably harmless but you should use mayo on your sandwich

i guess but it tastes horrible... get some "wet" its like ky but flavored

God I hope so. If not i'm a dead man.

Eating KY JELLY eliminates the need for chap stick also!!

Eat away!!!!

mmmm peanut butter and (KY) jelly sandwich.

No, KY is not edible, but you can find some edible body lotions at places like Spencer Gifts, adult stores, or adult stores online.

NOT AFTER IT'S BEEN IN THE RECTUM. OH YEAH, "ANT" was on Jay Leno last night .

yeah it won't hurt you......but shouldn't you have posted your question in another category?

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