What do you eat at this moment?!


What do you eat at this moment?

i drink cold mineral water with slice's of lime and ice cubes and chew Pringles Thai Sweet Chili...

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11 months ago
it is 17:41 PM my time

11 months ago
it is 17:41 PM my time

Actually, I am eating a homemade breakfast burrito. It has egg, potatoes, sausage, green pepper, onion, cheddar cheese and salsa in it. Talk about delicious!!!

chocolate. i love it!

I eat ice creams (Nestle) and mineral water. Keep it cool around this time.

a chocolate peanut butter brownine and milk..kinda

Tomato and Onion sandwich

dr. pepper..and wheat thins :-)

orange and peanuts.......

krakers and tuna.

About to eat some Chicken pad Thai and spicy Chicken with Basil. Mmmm, I love Thai food.

Nothing. Ascetic.


I want a taco sooooooo bad.

"But I neeeeeeeed tacos, I need them or I will explode, that happens to me sometimes!"

I just ate a Hostess fruit pie. Just like mom used to make.

Blue barries

capri sun


right now? slim fast because it's the only thing in my house that has enough sustanence to be a meal. need to go grocery shopping.

A bowl of Cap'n Crunch

i just had coffee and a lowfat yoplait mixed berried yogurt

Coffee and cigarettes.


It's morning, so breakfast. Depends on what I'm in the mood for. This morning it was Cherrios!

Ill Eat A girls Boob

i drink pure water and a cup of milk or juice!!!

I eat whole grain crisp bread with 10% fat cheese, turkey, and keso cottage cheese - bell pepper flavor, with some basil leaves on top. And tap water

i dont eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day my ***)
they say those who eat breakfast do better in school...i dont eat a crumb in the morning and i am a straight A student (i cant begin to imagine my grades if i at breakfast)
id be a freakin' genius =)

I just had fried catfish, green beans, potato salad and a piece of lemon cake for dessert. I am not eating for the rest of the day! But that was some good soul food.

I'm eating a whole-wheat english muffin with butter and honey and drinking a cup of green tea.

It is 10:40pm in Thailand. Too late for any food, but I just drank some water.

It is not meal time, so I am not eating.

Saliva, I'm swallowing saliva!

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