theme ideas for a bar on thursdays?!

Question: Theme ideas for a bar on thursdays?
Looking to add some new themes for a bar on thursdays and am open to ideas and suggestions. Already have standing specials, just want some good name ideas


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I don't know what your standing specials are exactly...but here's some ideas:

Sundays: Weekly drink specials might include a large for the price of a small or buy one pitcher of draft and get free appetizers.

Mondays: Discount wings or a free extra side order with an entrée. If your pub or restaurant is family friendly you might decide to have a "kids eat free" night when accompanied by an adult ordering an entrée.

Tuesdays: You might offer free pool or another free game that patrons would normally have to pay for.

Wednesdays: Consider offering an all you can eat entrée such as pasta or wings as a weekly special. Another alternative is to set up a special all you can eat salad bar. You don't have to choose Wednesdays and could consider choosing a night that is normally a slow night for you. By choosing an inexpensive to make entrée you can afford to feed people more than one serving.

Thursdays: Dessert included free with meals. Come up with an interesting signature dessert that people will crave. Consider having a fun event on Thursdays as well. Thursday is a popular weeknight for people to go out to eat or for a few drinks.

Fridays: Happy Hour! Friday nights are the night many people love to go out after work and have a few drinks with their workmates so it's a great opportunity for your place to become the hangout for local businesses. Offer some great deals like drink discounts or free appetizers or giveaways and get people accustomed to stopping by your place every Friday.

Saturdays: Offer some great shooters and fun drinks. Weekly drink specials can make your place 'the' place to go on Saturday nights. Look at a drink database and experiment with some new and fun drinks served in great novelty glasses. Consider experimenting and doing surveys with new drinks to let your patrons help decide what goes on the regular menu.

Try here.

they have over 300 promotional posters and 150 promotions with a full page of theme nights as well.

How about Thirsty Thursdays? I've advertised that before. Just don't do a new drink, do half off bottled beers or especially a beer that's not moving. Where I worked nobody would buy imports, but if they could get a $2 beer along with a ribeye special...yeah, they'd show up.

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