what time should i arrive at a house party?!

Question: What time should i arrive at a house party?
im going to a house warming party tonight and want to know when i should arrive.

Im about 23 and the hostess is about 25 and she invited me and a few collegues from school to it. it starts at 8pm tonight.


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8:30 might as well be an hour late, and hopefully at 8:15 there should be either one or two other people there.
or if shes that sort of colleague then you can turn up at 6:00 with some roses and wine and have some fun before everyone else arrives ;) lol
in truth don't worry, just try not to be the last or the first :)

Fashionably late, so probably around 8:30. That way you are probably not the first person to arrive, which can be awkward, but you are also not too late either. I have been to a lot of parties and this always works for me.

Don't go to early, you'll look to eager. Go around 8:45-9:30 so when youll get there you'll seee people getting the prty on and you can join then, oh and make sure you greet the hostess. and just party and get laid or something lol

You should go with other people at 8:15
or just your self at 8:15
But a group would make you feel better as your not the only one no matter what time you arrive.

Well before all the drink has gone would be a great idea

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