I need some ideas for healthy school snacks?!

Question: I need some ideas for healthy school snacks?
I'm in charge of doing a Valentine's party for my son and daughters preschool class, and were going towards more of a healthy items. Everything has to be store bought, were not allowed to make anything at home.


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well vicky, healthy nut-free school snack is, enjoylife caramel bars...

Hi!! Well for a valentines day party, and you want to be healthy so i would say, a veggie tray with, brocolie, carrots, celery, cucumbers etc. Strawberries, pineapple, canalope, kiwi, melon etc. Also, maybe add some fruit snacks. And for a drink, i would say some juice boxes, or capri suns.

If you want some red foods:

Cut up some strawberries. Even if you drizzle some chocolate over them, it's still pretty good.
Red apple slices are good, too. You can buy caramel dips for them or scoop out some peanut butter into a bowl for dipping.

I would also recommend Teddy Grahams. But, they really don't go with the Valentine theme. Maybe you can just put them in a red bowl?

Nuts are healthy. Any kind would do. And, you can get plenty of low-salt varieties.

I know you can buy Jell-o in cups. You could top them with sliced fruit.
They also make fruit cups that you can just buy.

Do the kids like dry cereal? You can find all sorts of healthy cereals as long at the kids don't mind snacking on it without milk. I personally like the Kashi wheat biscuits. LOL

I think they make bite size granola bars.

What about small individual yogurt cups. Things like blueberries and bananas to put in the yogurt. Pretzels are also healthy.

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