A theme party dress that's easy to take off?!

Question: A theme party dress that's easy to take off?
For my sons' winning basketball team theme bash, I am going to be the main highlight. I need some costume related to the sport (I googled but wasn't interested in the mega afro, inflatable basketball, jersey, shorts, socks bit). I think it has to be something more fun, maybe for the boys to help me take off? All ideas welcome.


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If I ever found out that a team member's parent ( and I use that term loosely ) was planning to have all the boys help remove clothing from said parent ( I mean despicable perverted low-life) there would not only be the cops banging down the door, but a big problem from me and depending on the ages, you may be looking at jail time. Just imagine how proud your Son will be seeing his pals getting their jollys from good old Mom

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