Black light party idea?!

Question: Black light party idea?
Okay so im turning 18 and im having a black light party!! I'm inviting about 110 people so i cant get everyone a favor or anything. I am getting about 125 glow stick bracelets though!! I'm having black lights, a DJ, highlighters(so people can draw on each other), and Im mixing mnt. dew, baking soda, and hydrogen poroxicde together in a small container, theen wrapping it in white tissue paper and putting it around the pool so they will light up. I'm also getting black table covers and covering them with glow in the dark stars.
Oh! and to have more fun im having people bring extra pair of clothes because im having a glow in the dark paint war! im puting washable glow in the dark paint into balloons and were going to go outside in the yard and throw them at each other! :D
then go back and dance under the black lights! :D

I was wondering if there were any other ideas you can give me, and also! i wanted balloons, about 25 or 30...but i was wondering if i could just get white balloons and then colored balloons, or do those not glow under black light? what balloons glow under black light??


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I'm pretty sure anything neon or white glows under a black light.
I think these balloons are so cute!
Go to oriental trading and type "neon balloons" in the search bar.
click on the animal print ones.

if you don't like those they have regular neon balloons too.


Naked wrestling in a pool of Ky jelly/highlighter solution... should turn some heads.

I know they sell special balloons for black light in neon colors if not you could always just stick a glow stick inside a white balloon for a similar affect. And they sell the blowing bubbles that glow under black light so maybe you could get a few of those and have some people blowing them?

Black light bubbles:

Black light balloons:…

And you could also serve drinks in glow in the dark ice by pouring tonic water into ice cube trays which will glow a bright blue under black light.…

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