"Werewolf" theme party ideas?!

Question: "Werewolf" theme party ideas?
I need more games than ideas. Just incase you are wondering, I don't like Twilight!
So far we were going to watch some werewolf movies, dance in my freezing garage, and maybe play werewolf in the snow. Do you guys have any other good games we could play? This is a 13 year old's party, just saying.
Thanks :)


Erm; This Game May Sound Childish Or Strange, But...

Instead Of Cops And Robbers, Make It Cops And Werewolves.
So Practically, The Aim Is The Cops Have To Capture All The Werewolves Although The Werewolves Try Not To Be Caught By Them.

You'll Have To Arrange A Jail Area, So When The Cop Captures A Werewolf, They Need To Go Immediately There, The Only Way They Can Continue Back To The Game Is, When An Werewolf That Isn't Capture Yet, Touches Them.

If You Want To Make This Game Harder, The Cops Should Use Water Balloons, To Capture The Werewolves.

Aha, Good Luck.

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