PLEASE READ EVERY1! party help?!

Question: PLEASE READ EVERY1! party help?
Okay so im a soon to be 16 year old girl (my b-day is in may) and i want to have a birthday party but these days all teens (not me) do at a partys is drink, & do parents are totally against that(so am i) but i dont want it to be boring cause when i invite people the 1st Q is going to be like "are you going to have beer?" & i say no then its like ah no sorry i cant go. I dont want to have a boring 16th party, and i wanna invite some football guys that i know (were not close & i like 1 of them)..the guys at my party will mostly be 16 &17 years old...what can i do for fun? And i need as much detail as possible lol, o ya and i dont wanna spend a bunch of money...i just need to have a non boring party without drugs and drinks..please help


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A fun idea would be to serve a signature drink that just doesnt have alcohol in it. A special berry lemonade, or a virgin margarita etc. Maybe something that is your favorite color. Make sure to have good music, I am sure they would love to dance so have a good DJ. Obviously yummy teenage food is good, maybe a live band too? I like the beach idea too!

Good; Do Not Include Drugs Or Alcohol In Under Any Circumstances, If Something Happens, You'll Be Blamed.

Beach Party Would Be Something I Recommended, The Footballers Have The Ability To Kick Around A Football In An Open Area, Play Volleyball, Soccer Perhaps, Swim Around, Etc...
The Girls Would Chill Around, Communicate For Hours, Some Might Attempt To Get A Tan, Etc...

I Also Suggest You Bring A Small Portable Stereo, And Blast The Volume Up So Everyone Could Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.

And Besides, It Doesn't Cost Much, You Could Have The Ability To Find A Not Really Crowded Beach, Or Find An Area That's Not Crowded So You Could Host This Party.
The Only Thing You Need To Pay For Are The Food [Seafood, If You Like Them Considering It's A Beach Party, Or Have Spaghetti, Lasagna, Etc...
Drinks: Fruit Punch, Blue Cordial, Blue Smoothie, Etc...
Snacks: Chips, Nachos,
Dessert: Birthday Cake, Cupcakes With Blue Icing, Chocolate, Etc..
You Could Get A Buffet Table Too (:

Also Get Balloons, And Small Decorations.

Good Luck With Your Party (:

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