Princess party food ideas?!

Question: Princess party food ideas?
I am having a princess party for my 4 year old daughter in one week and everything's all set except the food side of things. I wanted to make fun names for each item of food that relate to the theme and put a little label next to it. So far we have:

Knights in Armor (pigs in a blanket)
King Triton's kielbasa

Princess scepters (marshmallow pops)
Royal strawberries (chocolate-dipped strawberries)
Cinderella's pumpkin bread
Pink Princess Popcorn

Princess punch
Snow White's Apple juice
Wishing well water

But I'm stumped for ideas on what to call the following:
Chicken salad stuffed phyllo cups
Ritz crackers with cream cheese and blueberries
PB and J sandwiches which I plan on cutting with a cookie cutter into a shape of some sort
Devilled eggs

If anyone has any ideas for ANY of the above, I would greatly appreciate it! Like I said, I have one week left but the labels obviously have to be made ahead of time!



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well kell, call crackers w/ blueberries, 'cheesy star bits' and cut, pb and j into princess crowns...

PB&j sandwich--princess belle and jasmine's sandwich

Chicken salad phyllo cups----Ariel's Shell Delight or Mini Tiara

devilled eggs--golden Treasure (or something related to treasure)

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