How do you throw a good blacklight (white-out) party?!

Question: How do you throw a good blacklight (white-out) party?
A whiteout is when everyone wears black and there are blacklights which makes neon and white glow cool colors!

So i have a medium sized basement. We're all 15-16. I have 5 blacklights. 2 of them work very well! my friend had one the other day and 2 blacklights filled half of her basement. So im pretty sure that the 5 will work well! Ill ask my friends for more

Im going to have 2 strobes, 1 lazer light, and 1 flashing dot light thing. The floors and walls are white. I have an air hockey table too. There is also a bar and ill have food

What are some cool things i could do? (without damaging my basement)
I need some things to make the blacklight affects look cool! Any ideas?


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fog machine -
you could get some body paint for everyone -
umm ...
buy blow up aliens or weird things, and put a small fan on them to make them move there body and arms? as if there dancing to the music
(you dont wanna add to much stuff, cause its really the people and music thats gonna MAKE the party) goodluck and have fun =)

Buy black plastic table clothes (trash bags work too) and get some glow in the dark or neon paint. Hang the black plastic bags on your walls. Invite like two or three friends over before and paint cool shapes and words and whatever on the walls. It'd kinda look like this
uhmm, get glow sticks/bracelets and a glow in the dark beach ball!
Have a good time! :DD

I'm having a blacklight party too for my sweet 16.

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