Does anyone remember a sweet from the 70s&80s?!


Does anyone remember a sweet from the 70s&80s?

they were the same size as a opal fruit but were minty,they were white and then they came with white with 3 green strips?please help it has been bugging me for a long time!cheers.

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11 months ago
spangles were not minty!!

11 months ago
hidy lady you are wrong we did get in the uk!!!

11 months ago
spangles were not minty!!

11 months ago
hidy lady you are wrong we did get in the uk!!!

Definitely pacers! We should start a petition to bring em back!


Chewy Mints?

Mint pillows

yeh pacers , they where well nice lol

Opal Mints

why did u ask this it will bug me now as well

Pacers! They were my fave minty chews!

lol my hubby and i remember but think they where called spearmint something if that helps nows its gonna bug us.

Definitely Pacers - tasted like Colgate


Pacers, before that there was spearmints which were just white. i loved them.


Pacers (four times the flavour, Pacers four times the fun!)

were they pacers ?? oh yes god now you got me thinking trips down memory lane thanks lol they were so nice , along with spangals too.

I think these may have been called "spearmint chews" possibly made by Trebor.

black jacks

i remember double agents lime on the outside chocolate inside and of course spangles

we didnt have them in the uk

Pacers were gorgeous and I can't for the life of me understand why they ever got rid of them. Can you remember the advert for them with the ice skaters? That was soooo cheesy.

Sweet Tobacco - delicious sweet coconut strips dusted in chocolate powder - used to be known as Spanish Gold or Spanish Tobacco - very light and bordering on addictive!

Yes, they were called 'Pacers' ! They were lovely!

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