Was the orange named after the color or was the color named after the fruit??!


Was the orange named after the color or was the color named after the fruit??

Name came first then color because of this reasoning.

Bananas, not called yellow.
Limes not called green.
Strawberries not called red.

i believe God let adam name the FRUIT orange first.

the color was named after the fruit as the fruit existed before the language came to name it.

I would say that the word came first. Isn't it native to the Americas?

I would think the colour named after the fruit for the fruit existed first long before we decided what colours were and which would be what. We are taught to believe that an orange (fruit) is also the colour of orange and an apple is red etc but is it really and who invented colours anyway? Not that i am complaining i love colours.

Oranges were not named for their color. The word orange comes from the Sanskrit naranga which means "fragrant".

The Dutch royal family known as the House of Orange-Nassau is where we get the modern spelling of "Orange". They were the ones who adopted the color that we call "orange" and gave it its name. That was independent of the fruit.

So the answer is "neither". How they came to be matched together was a happy coincidence.

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