Sweet 16 Sleepove/Spa ideas ? Thank you!?!

Question: Sweet 16 Sleepove/Spa ideas ? Thank you!?
I'm not the house party type, and I have a sleepover every year with 4 or 5 girls but this year, for my 16th, id like to organize more stuff. Make it better. I will be going out with my group of friends including the guys either the day before or after. The sleepover will just be with my best girl friends and a few others.
I was thinking of a sleepover, then starbucks and manicures downtown (montreal) in the morning.
I just need ideas for the sleepover. I was thinking disposable cameras for lots of pics, candles, twinkling lights, lots of cupcakes and little desserts. Any game ideas ???
I'd love more ideas, especially if you did the same for your party. And if you did, how it went.


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Sleepover Suggestions/Ideas:
` For Your Sleepover I Suggest Slow Music Playing Whilst You & Your Friends Sleep.
`Purchase Incense Candles, The Fragrance Is Soothing And It's Pretty Also (:
`Yes Include Twinkling Lights
`Pretty Lantern
`Yes, Deserts Cupcake And Include Ice Cream Or Even An Ice Cream Cake (:

The Next Morning, Have Breakfast, Go Shopping For Clothing, Etc..., Manicures + Pedicures, Take Away Starbucks And Drink At The Beach Or Park. It'll Be Awesome (:

It's Not Really A Game, But Prank Call People? Or Something...
Truth Or Dare?
Pictionary [Game Board - It's Really Fun]
Monopoly [Game Board]
Have A Cooking Competition ? Who Makes An Awesome Cupcake?

Good Luck. (:

It is really difficult to entertain teens as they are past the play stage and just watching movies together does not always work.
Why don't you do a play and get them to all dress up for their parts. It is essential that you use your knowledge of them and stretch the characters so you all have a hoot. It can even be a Murder Mystery, you laugh just because everyone is acting out a role. You then have the whole play recorded and it will be one of the bestest party memories ever.
You can do the celeb "After Party" theme for your food and drink session and even record them as if they are being hounded by the Paparazzi. Try and include a photographer so that you end up with photographs as well.

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