Clubbing or a girls night party for my 25th?!

Question: Clubbing or a girls night party for my 25th?
Ok so I've been racking my brain for months on my 25th birthday celebration as I want it to be fun and memorable. I'm stuck between having a Girls/Ladies Night In where we watch a movie, play games, karaoke, drink booze, hire a stripper and maybe Ann Summers party host too OR Go clubbing (booth hired) in the westend (London) but have a few drinks before we go and maybe still hire the stripper. About 10-15 females will be attending


Girls night because you can do clubbing anytime. You want your party to be special.

CLUBBING! your middle aged now and i dont want to depress you but go clubbing while you can

I, honestly, would go with the girls night. Clubbing is too crowded, I suppose.

Just a wild guess. LOL

If u go to the club alot thenn girls nighttt!! cuz its something different.

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