Boys at a girl's tea birthday party?!

Question: Boys at a girl's tea birthday party?
My daughter is turning 6 in a month and I have been planning a special tea party for her for months. She just now has decided to tell me that she wants to invite a few boys from her class as well, and I am at a loss. I spoke to one of the boys mother, and she says he would LOVE to come, but I have no idea what to do for any boys who come!

I have parasols, gloves, hats, face painting, purses, jewelry and more for the little girls to have and play with at the party, but boys don't want those things! I want the boys to have a good time and be able to take things home as well, but what?

Any ideas on how to keep them happy, but stay in the tea party theme would be appreciated!


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hmm, what about Mad Hatter Hats and ties. What was the latest Alice in Wonderland movie called, that might give you some ideas.
good luck!

I would do magic tricks, decorating, and maybe a scavenger hunt around the house or outside for both the boys and girls so they can do something together.

try fancy hats and cheap ties and also maybe magic trick stuff...kinda goes with theme, if that would work

parties i've been to

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