good party ideas during the cold winters?!

Question: Good party ideas during the cold winters?
I want to have a birthday party,but there is snow on the ground and nothing to do....I am 13
any ideas? I live in New York/Long Island if that helps.I live in the suburbs.


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There is never a wrong time to grill!
Or a pizza party you can get several loaves of french bread or pizza crusts
Line all of your favorite topping up in bowls
Have your guests put make or assemble there own pizza
You will be able to bake 3 or 4 at a time.
Maybe a veggie tray with ranch
some favorite old movies
you can make a simple desert like 4 layer delight cake or just get some cup cakes or cookies from the bakery
Of course popcorn
Maybe some good board games or twister just good old fashion fun times!

Ugly Sweater Party...give prize to the best one
Make party foods...whether it's pizza or pot of chili, cheddar cheese and crackers
Pop some popcorn, flavor with parm cheese or make caramel balls
Or you can do a Potluck Party and have everyone bring a treat...
Or Can serve corn dogs instead...mac and cheese, chips and dips, fun cupcakes or make these (cakes in ice cream cones...super easy!)>>


any 2 layer cake mix of your choice.
About 24 ice cream cake cones (the ones with the flat bottoms)
Frosting and decorations of your choice! (Can add food coloring to canned frosting, mix til smooth and maybe even top with a drained, maraschino cherry)

Mix cake mix as directed.

Fill cones with amount of batter that you would use to make cupcakes. Place inside a 9x13 inch baking pan to keep them up right.

Bake according to package directions for cupcakes.

Cake cones come out looking like they have a scoop of ice cream in them. Cool. When completely cooled frost and decorate as desired.

Play indoor games: all kinds of fun balloon games when you google "balloon games"

Play candy bar games: Here's one: To play the candy bar game you need a large candy bar(we used a Symphony bar-), hat, scarf, 2 oven mitts, fork, knife and a die>>> I think it works well to play on the floor and just put a towel or something under the candy bar to keep the floor clean. To play, the first person rolls the die once trying to get a 6. If you don't roll a 6 pass it to the next person and they roll. If you do get a 6, you then put on all the gear>>>hat, scarf, oven mitts and then you have to open the candy bar with the knife and fork and attempt to cut a piece of the candy bar and eat it. If you do, you win! Oh but wait. Play doesn't stop. The die is still being rolled while you are trying to do your thing and if someone rolls a 6 you have to take it all off and pass the gear to that person even if you didn't get a chance to cut that candy bar. Hope that makes sense. It's a really fun game.

Can do a Scavenger hunt with baggies of M&M candies worth points for their colors:…

If you have that Just Dance video...that's a great activity!

One Suggestion That Popped Instantly In My Head Was A "SNOW BALL FIGHT" [ If Your Party Is Co-Ed, It Should Be A "Girls Verse Boys Snowball Fight"

Or Have A Competition; Who Makes The Best Snow Sculpture Or Race Who Build A Snowman Quickly (:

Or Even Attempt To Make A Slide; Stack Snow On Top Of One Another To Make It Appear Like A Hill; And Slide Down It With A Plastic Object Or Something (:

And After Your Done, Yes I Agree With The Comment Above, Have A Campfire Whilst Roasting Marshmallows, And Have Hot Chocolate / Soup (:

And Later On Serve A Hot Cake (:

And Have Incense Candles Placed Around Your House, It'll Be Soothing (:

Good Luck (:

*Hot cups of Chocolate
* Sleepover!
*Movie watching (with pizza)

Have a bonfire.
Have a movie night with popcorn & hot chocolate.

tea party

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