What food is good for a super bowl party?!

Question: What food is good for a super bowl party?

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Well, we now know it going to the packers and the steelers. Some of the dishes could be based on whatever team you're rooting for. If it's the steelers, you could provide maybe mini cheesesteak sandwiches (I know that Philly, but they're both in pennsyvania). Buffalo wings are always a fave. Yuengling beer is from PA. If you're rooting for green bay, try some of their local beers. Many people from wisconsin are of german extraction, some brats would work.
I'd be willing to bet that some of your local grocery stores or walmarts or targets are selling football themed serving platters made of plastic. Now some would consider this tacky, but I say you're still showing spirit and will be inexpensive for something you may just use only once a year. I hope this gives you a base from which to start.

You don't want just junk food there, do ya? Half-time gives people the chance to stretch their legs and fill up a hearty plate. Some suggestions: Cover the table with green plastic tablecloth...mark yard lines using white tape (one that wraps bandages)....put Wisconsin cheese items to one side...beef things to the other (and mingle with other items)...have a football shaped cake complete with white "frosting" stitches in the center.

Cheese items: bacon and cheddar deviled eggs
nachos and cheese (have other toppings to add like sliced olives, salsa, etc)
mac and cheese
cheese cubes mixed with fruit on party picks (use grapes, pineapple chunks, maraschino cherries...can add other melons, too, if you want)...stick picks into half melon turned upside down.

Steelers side: cocktail hots in a pot, hoagies, pizza can go on both sides (meat and cheese)
jalepeno poppers
bacon and crab mushroom caps http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/baco…

Other finger desserts can be around the cake...like these white chocolate-raspberry cheesecake bars>>http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/whit…
or some lemon bars (refreshing after all those salty foods)

Add whatever dips and chips, etc to any available space.
Have separate area for drinks....and any supplies (cups, ice, etc)

Well, I like chips (many varieties and dip), nachos, popcorn, pop, candy, beef jerky, pretzels, Hershey's kisses, lemonade, water, tea, Granola bars, orange slices, apple slices, marshmallows, and last but CERTAINLY not leas, cookies and brownies! (don't forget the milk) I hope I helped! Oh yes and pizza, chicken wings taco's. xD

Lot's of games?

it depends on your crowd...so...you know what beer or wines...food favorites...but overall...wings a lot of them...pizza...nachoes...salsa and chips......lots of finger foods...olives and chips and chesses and spinash dip with the fresh bread pieces...soda...water bottled and chilled..ice..big cup and a solid plate...is also on the list...napkins are needed...and a few decorations...as well as a couple of betting games make it fun...

Pizza; Salsa Food; Nachos; Tacos; Hamburgers; Hoagies; Philly's Cheese Steak; Steak; Chicken Wings; Etc... (:

Chicken Wings, Pizza, Beer, Clique Vodka, Taco's

Chips and dip
Jalapeno poppers
Hot wings


5 layer dip and chips

Pizza and Beer

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